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    Meta Platforms, Inc.
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    Video Production, Corporate Video Production, Public Relations, Crisis Communications
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    Meta Building Remotely in a Pandemic – Meta | DAVE SIMS MEDIA
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An inside look at how the engineers at Meta adapted to remote work during the pandemic, ensuring contact between their uses during isolation. We present a powerful story of resilience, corporate leadership, crisis communications, and the importance of connection. Follow the journey of these engineers as they share their struggles with social distancing and the challenges of working from home (a reminder of their start-up roots). Through this video, you witness their tenacity and ability to overcome adversity.

As the world scrambled to stay healthy and safe during Covid, Meta engineers were tasked with keeping the infrastructure of the social media channels connecting the world going without interruption. Dave Sims Media was tasked with documenting the social distancing and social isolation taking its toll on the world, and Meta engineers alike, who had to leave their labs for their own health and safety while ensuring the strength, stability and viability of the infrastructure.

Dave Sims Media employed remote video production services and sourced b-roll footage during the first few months of the pandemic and then began filming on location in Area 404 of the Menlo Park campus and on location in Engineer’s garages, living rooms and kitchens as they continued to build the infrastructure that kept the Facebook family of apps available to all during the pandemic.

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