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    Insurance Services International
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    Brand Strategy, Branding Design
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In business for over a decade, Insurance Services International (ISI) had established itself among its industry and its clients. But over the years, the company’s brand hadn’t received much attention beyond a logo. Looking ahead, and with the desire for an identity that was both professional yet approachable, ISI reached out to DSM to develop a modern look that would stand apart from the traditional insurance brokerages, yet still feel like it fit right in.

Building upon the brand’s original colors of blue, white, and red—DSM modernized and expanded the brand’s color palette to create a more custom set of colors to work with. Staying true to the long-time logo, the updated look still reflected it’s origins while enacting softer, more approachable touches that could the be utilized throughout other branded pieces. Establishing brand guidelines that unify all pieces of the new look, DSM has given ISI the opportunity to apply their look to any future pieces they choose.

Though this project was a relatively straightforward ask that resulted in a quick and unique result, the impact of establishing a strategic, up-to-date identity that can be continually built upon will have lasting advantages and a great day-to-day look.

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